Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I LOVE EBAY! Products worth checking out...

I just wanted to take a moment to rave about some of my favorite products I have purchased on ebay. Yes, if you didn't know already...I am an ebay whore and proud of it! I have taken an interest in researching products that equate to great buys. So here we go...

This 120 eyeshadow palette is BAD ASS. You can find this on ebay ranging from $15-20 and believe me, its $15 well spent! The colors are very pigmented and are made up so matte and satin shadows. This palette has every color imaginable (probably  more than you will need). I have even seen make-up artists using this same palette. Its great, compact, and even versatile. Remember, you CAN use eyeshadows as blushes. They are practically made up of the same ingrediants. Some of the reds, pinks, and orange double up as great blushes. BEWARE, you will see the exact same product advertised on ebay as a MAC product with its logo for $70. This is false, MAC has never came out with a 120 eyeshadow palette. It is the exact same palette that I got for $15.

I love love love these brushes. These are a girl's best friend. It's a 16 pc brush set made of pony and goat hair. Listen ladies...brushes don't come softer than these. They dont shed, they pick up the product, and it even comes with a cute purple roll up case. I use this brush set everyday and bring them on the road, especially to my shows and events. You can find this on ebay for about $15. Its a great starter set if you cant afford to shell out hundreds of dollars for the whole Mac collection.

LASHES anyone? Well get your butts to ebay and start ordering them in BULK! Yes, I said BULK. We all know those drugstore lashes can run from $3-7 a pair. That might be ok for you if wear them once in a blue moon or maybe for the occasional night out. I don't wear them everyday (like the housewives of Atlanta) but I do wear them often for shows, photo shoots, and special events. Its always nice to have a stash of lashes ready to go at a whims notice. Ebays sells wonderful great lashes in bulk from china for DIRT CHEAP!

 I ordered two different types of lashes. They came in a pack of 10. I have tested these lashes out and I must say these lashes are very durable. I was able to use each lash 2-3 times! They are made of very strong and flexible material and if handled correctly...you can peel the glue right off of them for reuse later. I bought these lashes for $1 (including shipping)!!! That's F#cking crazy. They range anywhere from $1-3. You can thanks me later, lol


  1. girl i really love the brush set cuz i'm building up my makeup collection and just have random ones. is the seller reputable, cuz i've never ordered anything from ebay and i'm in japan.

  2. I haven't mastered the art of applying fake lashes. Maybe you can teach me....

    I got my brushes via Crown Brush when Kandee the Makeup Artist was running a crazy deal with them.

  3. A bunch of sellers sell them. Just type in 16 purple brush set. Check out their profile...they will have an approval rating!

    I do need to mention that all of these products come from China...so shipping will be slow :( but its so worth the wait. I gave all of these items to my sisters as Christmas presents. Its the gift that keeps on giving.