Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oily face....not so cool!

What I am about to share with you is absolutely life changing. It's almost as good as finding the cure for cancer.... well, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but damn it this stuff works! If you are like me and 80% of most women, we all have problems with our oily "T-zone". Yep, it's the one part of our face that always seems to give way to oil. A long time ago, I was told to invest in a good primer. Smashbox sells their top of the line primer for $42. It comes in a .93 fl oz bottle and other high end brands go for about $25 and up for maybe a fl oz bottle. SAY WHAT! THAT'S JUST WRONG!!!

I stumbled upon this discovery by accident. I was actually researching some good foundations for oily skin and saw people raving online about these two products: Phillips Milk of Magnesia and Monistats Chafing Gel. Then I realized the primer we use is just as important as the foundation we use. This process involves 3 very simple steps: 1. moisturize your face, 2. apply a thin layer of Phillips Milk of Magnesia all of your oily areas and 3. apply Monistats Chafing gel over the milk of magnesia. After that...apply the rest of your makeup like normal. I picked up both of these products from Wal-mart under $10 total. What it basically comes down to is that Monistats Chafing Gel has practically the same exact ingredients as most top of the line primers with the exception of a few binding agents.

Well after careful review, this stuff works. I first experimented with this product traveling through the airports (for some reason when I fly...my skin doesn't like it. I get really oily and feel yucky.) At the end of the day, my skin was oil free and I didn't even wear powder! My sister really put it to the test under stage lights and I am happy to say...her face and foundation stayed matte perfect all day long! No shine or greasy look us girls can get when wearing foundation all day and moving around. I know it sounds weird putting Va Jay-jay cream all over your face, but ladies...get over it. I will pay $4 bucks any day for a big tube of primer that works! You have to wonder though...who was the first person to think of this? What made them put Phillips Milk of Magnesia and Va Jay-jay cream on their face, lol. I don't know...but whoever it was, THANK YOU!

Here is a very informative youtube video that I feel does a great job in explaining the breakdown of all of this. You will thank me later, lol. Enjoy

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