Saturday, February 5, 2011


Okay, so my current addiction right now are blushes. I dont why...but every year I become infatuated with certain products. Last year it was lipglosses and I promised myself I wouldnt buy anymore. This year, its BLUSHES. Every girl needs a good blush...even black women! If you dont wear are missing out! Blushes accentuate your cheeks and help add a touch of warmth to your face. If you love blushes as much as I do, you may be familiar with the NARS collection and of course MAC. Well...a Nars blush is going to run you about $25 a pop and for Mac $20 a blush. I dont know about you, but thats a pretty penny and can get quite expensive if you want more than one blush to add to your collection.

These are just a few of my inexpensive blushes that I have collected over some time and are WOC friendly!! (WOMEN OF COLOR) The color payoff of these blushes are great and really pop. Most of these blushes only need to be applied with a light hand and will last for a long long time. I am in love with NYX cream blushes. They have shades for all skin tones. They are not greasy and feel very light on the skin. They even last through a good sweat at the gym! Yes, I wear blush at the gym, haha. I had to order these online because I couldnt find them anywhere in the stores. I got mine cheap from ebay. I LOVE EBAY!

Black Radiance blushes (the ones that I have) have been discontinued. They replaced them with the "Baked Artisan " collection. Not too thrilled about it, but its an okay product. You can still however find some of their  discontinued blushes floating around on ebay. These blushes were dirt cheap and had incredible color.

The Tropez collection can be found at K-mart. I had never really heard of them before but I accidently stumbled upon them and decided to purchase two. "Dusty Muave" is a beautiful light everyday color. The "Tahitian Gold" is a bright red blush. Very very pigmented, must use a light hand with this one...even on dark skin.

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  1. I swear by blush. MAC's "Sweet as Cocoa" is my signature shade, but I'm always down to experiment. I actually found an NYX blush/bronzer at Ulta the other week but they were sold out. I need to get that one in my life asap.